Wild Horses of the Colorado Sand Wash Basin

We recently spent a couple days at Sand Wash Basin in northwest Colorado to photograph the wild horses. We saw plenty of horses and came away with a ton of photos. Compared to the wild horses we photographed in the Piceance Basin in late May, the horses at Sand Wash were quite relaxed and not bothered by our presence. This is likely because it was near the end of the mating season when we were at the Piceance Basin and the Sand Wash Basin horses are much more accustomed to seeing people and are more comfortable in there presence (but you still don’t want to get too close).

On our second day, we ran into Christine Beaumont & Mike Paulick – volunteer darters ( “Remote Delivery of PZP Immunocontraception in Wildlife” ) with the Sand Wash Advocate Team (SWAT) taking identification photos. We had a had a pleasant chat and learned a few things from them.

In addition to the horses, other wildlife we saw were golden eagles, pronghorn, elk, a coyote, and a bazillion suicidal rabbits and jackrabbits. I say suicidal because when driving back after sunset, they would wait until the last second to dart across the road right in front of the car.

I tried to identify the horses in these photos using the Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin  and SWAT Facebook pages. It was my first try at identification and did manage to positively ID a few and a couple that I think I got right, but I’m not certain.

UPDATE: Heather ID several more, thanks Heather!

UPDATE: More IDs added thanks to Heather

All photos were taken with a Canon 5D Mark III with a Sigma 150-600 lens (almost always at 600mm).

Prints (traditional, canvas, metal and thin wraps) as well as a variety of keepsakes (postcards, mugs, mouse pads etc) are available on my Smugmug Gallery or you can click on the individual photo.

Click on the photos to see a larger version in my Smugmug gallery

This is Y’Oda – a stallion born in 2013

Hanging out with Y’Oda was another stallion that I think was Dragon

Y’Oda and Dragon

Kiowa (stallion born in 2001), Kramer (stallion born in 2013) I think, and Vogue (mare born in 2007 – Kramer’s mother)

Yellow Man (I think), a stallion  born in 1992

Stormie, a mare born in 2014 or 2015?

Blue Sky, a mare born about 2006 – Stormie’s mother

Blue Sky nursing Stormie

Rocket, a stallion born in 2011

Cortez, stallion

Tashka (mare born 2014) and Wren (stallion born 2012)

Surma (stallion born 2014) and Nick (stallion born about 2009)

Nick, unknown and Surma

Catori, foal born 2015 to Blondie and Zorro

Blondie, mare

Zorro, stallion born 2010

Capitano, stallion born 2009

Athena, mare

Cosmo’s band


5 thoughts on “Wild Horses of the Colorado Sand Wash Basin

  1. After Rocket is Cortez, then Tashka & Wren, last photo is Cosmo’s band, 3rd last is Athena (from Cortez band), then Capitano, the next two up are Zorro, then Zorro’s mare Blondie. I will check the others when I get home next week (can’t see too well on this laptop.


      • You’re welcome.
        After Tashka and Wren it is Surma (2014) and Nick (2009ish).
        Then Nick (who has recently lost his band to Rain Man) this is the first photo of him since losing the band. It’s great to know he is alright, thank you Dean.
        Behind Nick I can’t figure that one out and then Surma.
        The next 4 are Catori (2015) colt of Blondie & Zorro.


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