Detailed Pictures of Male Rufous Hummingbirds

I’ve been trying to catch hummingbird closeups at a high shutter speed in the hopes of “freezing” the wings, but the hummingbirds haven’t been cooperating. Today I was buzzed by several Rufous hummers and managed. I think the shots are nice, but the wings are still blurred even with a shutter speed of 1/2,500 of a second! I’ll try with a higher shutter speed (1/6,400 sec). These were taken at f/13 at ISO 3200, so I’m going to try keeping the ISO at 3200 but decreasing the aperture to f/8. I’m a bit concerned that f/8 may give me enough depth of field, if so I’ll be forced to either bump up the ISO more (and increase the noise) or move the camera further back (and not capture as much detail).

I used a Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 70-200mm f2.8 II at 200mm with a 1.4x extender. For the shutter trigger, I used a Cactus LV5 Laser Trigger.

Click the images below for a larger (and more detailed!) image

Rufous Hummingbird closeup

Closeup of a male Rufous Hummingbird approaching the feeder

Rufous Hummingbird closeup

Male Rufous Hummingbird landing at the feeder

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